8 Ball Pool is not very demanding in terms of your internet connection

I've never really been good at pool. I can see the angles where I need to hit the ball but can never seem to execute properly. This can be frustrating for me since I can be fairly competitive. 8 Ball Pool has come to my aid and has made my feel a little better about my lack of real billiard skills and allows me to take my ability to see angles to a virtual pool table.

Using your phone in landscape mode you use your thumb or finger to adjust the cue stick and fine tune the angle of attack. There is a lever which represents the force you’ll be applying to the cue stick on the far left of the screen that lets you pull it down using your thumb to varying degrees.

There is also an option to put different kinds of spin on the cue ball for different effects just as one would get in real life. Just be sure to adjust the angle and spin before you touch the cue stick force lever because there’s no going back once you touch the force lever.

Just like any other sports game, 8 Ball Pool takes quite a bit of know-how in order to play. The game’s actual challenge lies not only in banking the right balls, but at the same time devise a successive arrangement of shots in order to lead the game. Not limited to this, you should also consider preparing a contingency plan -- towards making it a difficult shot for your opponent to continue his/her round whenever you miss your aim.

The app has a robust community. At any given time, I've seen anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 players online on every one of the five levels. In addition to the in-game currency, every game you play, whether you win or lose, will earn you experience points. Earn more points and you can level up (this is designated by the number given to you on your badge star), letting you unlock the harder levels in the game.

8 Ball Pool is not very demanding in terms of your internet connection, so even a decent 3G connection should suffice. My phone only used 58MB of data after over 6 hours of playing at least 95 rounds of pool. See? It’s very addictive. Once you start you likely won’t stop until you are about to fall asleep.

Other than that, there are also the different tourneys at the main hub area of the game, that are mainly divided depending on the level of entry fee they require, to get players of the same rank or experience racked up with each other. In all cases though, every player that enlists in a match-up/tourney, pays an entry fee, from which will become the bet money of each and every player, in a winner-takes-all type of battle.

Overall 8 Ball Pool is a very fun and simple virtual pool game. With the right Internet connection it provides many hours of friendly competition. The game is only $0.99 but also has in-app purchases to buy more chips and other items. The presence of in-app purchases can be off-putting to some but luckily they aren't required to advance. Anyone looking for a worthy iOS billiards game will definitely want to check this one out.

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