Call of Duty game in 2021 will introduce Fortnite-like building

Call of Duty franchise is feeling confident in the current battle royale race, and one of the next entries might adopt genre-specific mechanics from Fortnite. Inheriting competitor’s ideas is not something entirely new for the series, as Call of Duty: Warzone already has Fortnite-style glowing loot crates.

Furthermore, Warzone has several other well-established battle royale features that make the game so exciting. For instance, there’re respawn mechanics from Apex Legends and rewarding side missions from Battlefield 5. Apart from that, the game offers unique features as well as masterfully incorporated gameplay systems from the series’ multiplayer modes. This enticing mix of old and new along with the franchise’s signature quality resulted in the huge popularity of the title. During the first 24 hours, Call of Duty: Warzone attracted twice as many players as Apex Legends a year ago. It’s no surprise that Activision wants to continue the success with new titles.

According to TheGamingRevolution, the popular "Call of Duty" leaker, the 2021 title will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and will be free to play. It will feature a lot of assets from other games in the series, including killstreaks and characters, and it will be an online-only game. Although it is unknown what the game is going to be about, according to the leaker, it will be a mix of a battle royale and multiplayer. If you want to Top Up Call of Duty CP Coins, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

It is said to release next year, be free-to-play, available on console and mobile, and developed by Sledgehammer games, and it is not the main 2021 game. Not much else is known given that its release is still far off, but the very fact that it could mimic something similar to Fortnite definitely seems strange. Apparently, Call of Duty 2021 players will be able to build forts, among other things, but it's uncertain if the functionality is more akin to, say, Battlefield 5 than it is Fortnite. While this may worry some fans, TheGamingRevolution has also stated that 4 Call of Duty games are currently in development, including a Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

According to the leak, Call of Duty 2021 will feature returning characters and Killstreaks along with the aforementioned mix of battle royale and familiar multiplayer. It sounds like this spin-off might eventually become the foundation for a standalone BR-specific experience, which will see content updates and regular support. And it might be cut off from the major entries, which would concentrate on singleplayer campaigns and signature multiplayer modes instead.
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