Here is some tips for Parents when your kid play roblox

A massively popular game, Roblox attracts players of all ages. There's plenty to do within the colorful world, whether you want to spend money or not. You can jump online and chat with friends, check out hundreds of different games through the in-game store, and customize your own Roblox character.

What is the age limit for Roblox?
It's a sprawling land online with plenty to do and discover, whether you're a young player or an adult. Gamers of all ages play together due to its widespread appeal.

While many games have a recommend age, or restrictions in place to prevent younger users from accessing inappropriate content, Roblox doesn't have any restrictions in place. According to their user information, they offer games and entry to the community for players of all ages. The game does have some cartoonish violence that is not graphic or realistic, and is fairly easy to join and control, which is what makes it so appealing to younger players.

With incredible ease, children can be suddenly shifted to a section of the game that exposes them to some very unwelcome, adult situations involving nudity and lewd acts, and parents are livid, as CBS News stated.

Things to keep in mind if your 10-13 year old plays Roblox.

Online Gaming Tips for Parents
Always ensure your children understand the dangers of being online. You want to make sure their gaming habits are monitored, both while in the game and when they’re not playing to monitor their time on and off.

Help your children understand the blocking and reporting abilities within the game. There will be people who create inappropriate content for the ages of your child. Or they may be dealing with inappropriate language and those who are trolling. Your kids need to understand what is and isn’t okay in the world of online gaming. They can then get used to the blocking feature and reporting those who are inappropriate or make them feel uncomfortable.

It’s Up to You to Take Charge
Your children want to play online games for fun, but that doesn’t mean they’re the ones in charge. You need to step up to make sure your children remain safe. There is the chance they will interact with strangers, so they need to understand which information they keep private and what they can share online.

Monitor your children and their activities online. This is the best way to make sure they remain safe at all times. Nothing is perfect, but you can help to avoid issues with Roblox with some preemptive actions.

If your tween pr younger teen plays unsupervised, make sure those features and restrictions are enabled. It's also a good idea to make use of the parent log in and regularly check their messages, activity, and friend lists. Rules for unsupervised play should include not accepting friend requests from anyone your child doesn't know in real life, and not being allowed to message with people they don't know, or play in private servers with people they don't know. As with any game or social media use, it's up to parents to continuously monitor your child's activity in order for them to be able to play safely.

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