How to unlock the Rebirth in NBA 2K22 to get reward

The Rebirth system is back in NBA 2K22, featured as a quest in Season 2 of MyCareer. Rebirth in 2K22 differs between current and next-gen versions, but both allow players to create new MyPlayers with advantages on progression and Badge Points.

How to unlock the Rebirth reward in NBA 2K22 is something many players are wondering at the moment now that Season 2: Build Your Empire is almost here.

What is the NBA 2K22 Rebirth Reward?
The NBA 2K22 Rebirth reward was just introduced to 2K’s Season 2 for MyCareer. It has appeared in previous editions of the game for MyCareer/MyPlayer. A recent patch update 1.05 on the current-gen added this reward and quest to earn it.

What is Rebirth?
Rebirth is a brand new quest that will be coming in Season 2, one which will allow you to fast track your way to the higher ratings in MyCAREER, well kind of.

You'll have to work your way to a 90 OVR in your first MyCAREER save, and when you've done so you will be able to head to the ATM by the NBA Store in order to pick up the Rebirth quest and unlock all the rewards that come with it.

How to Unlock Rebirth

    Talk to ATM near Club 2K.
    Reach 90 OVR.
    Complete 10 2 vs. 2 or 3 vs. 3 games in the Park.
    Reward: 1000 MVP Points and Rebirth (Unlimited new MyCareer saves starting at 90 OVR and up to 30 Badge points unlocked.)


    Reach 90 OVR
    Play 10 3 vs. 3 games on Deck 15 of the cruise ship.
    Reward: Rebirth (Unlimited new MyCareer saves with 10 MyPoints levels completed and up to 20 Badge points unlocked.)

Rebirth saves, which are unlimited, will start players off with 10 pre-completed MyPoints levels and up to 20 Badge points on Current Gen, and the opportunity to jump to a 90 overall, up to 30 Badge points and previously earned pre-draft quest prizes on Next Gen.

NBA 2K22 Rebirth Release Date
It was initially understood that the Rebirth quest would go live as part of the Season 2 launch - as detailed in the Season 2 Launch Courtside Report - but as highlighted on social media, it appears some users already have access to the quest.

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