Metro Exodus,the next-gen console upgrades are coming later this year

A next-gen enhanced edition for Metro Exodus has been announced for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and ray-tracing capable PCs. This will be provided as a free upgrade for all existing owners of Metro Exodus.

The game will run at 4K/60fps with full ray-traced lighting on PS5 and Xbox Series X, bringing sharper graphics and improved visuals to the experience. Ray-traced lighting means more realistic light and shadows in the environments, bringing the scary world of Metro Exodus to life in a way simple not possible on the last-gen consoles.

But if every Xbox Series X game remains playable on Series S — and it would seem pretty damaging for Microsoft to go back on that — then developers potentially face difficult dilemmas going forward. Do they cut back the experience significantly on Series S, or do they reduce their ambitions for Series X titles to ensure compatibility with the cheaper hardware? Neither are particularly desirable options, and it makes the simplicity of the PS5 hardware suddenly seem a lot more appealing.  

On PC, the update will be released as Metro Exodus PC Enhanced Edition, and it’ll be free regardless of whether you own the game on Steam, the Epic Games Store, or GoG. Although the game supported ray tracing at launch, the new version significantly upgrades it with support for new features like advanced ray traced reflections. Other upgrades coming to the new PC version include DLSS 2.0 support, which can offer significant boosts to performance when using Nvidia hardware.

These fancy features aren’t restricted to the game’s main campaign; they’ll also feature in the DLC expansions that come bundled in with the main game.

Loading times will be dramatically reduced, too, as 4A games will be making use of the SSD storage in the next-gen consoles, even with 4K texture packs, spatial audio, and other neat next-gen features.

Still, in the short term, 4A Games has been able to get around the teething difficulties. Its upcoming Metro Exodus upgrade for the platforms will run at 60fps with support for ray tracing on both systems — albeit with the Series S outputting at 1080p.

No specific dates have been announced for release, but the PC version is slated for Spring 2021 and the console version later this year. In addition, Metro Exodus will be made available on Mac in March, and on Linux a little later in the year.

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