Player can appreciate an ode to Burning Crusade Classic and raise their mugs

Soon, World of Warcraft: Classic players will travel to the ravaged world of the orcs - Outland. They will face numerous dangers there, but also make new friendships and alliances.While the final preparations are underway for players to enter the Dark Portal in Burning Crusade Classic, one player has decided to celebrate the expansion's launch with an epic song on June 1.

Actor, musician and gamer Jordan Fisher is in charge of singing and starring this tribute to all the players who are looking forward to putting themselves in the shoes of their characters and traveling once more to Outland and fighting against the Burning Legion.

It’s time. Well, it’s almost time. After almost a decade-and-a-half, The Burning Crusade is coming as soon as extra to World of Warcraft — this time to WoW Classic. And as gamers scramble to get to stage 58, stockpile consumables, and theorycraft their finest routes via Outland, some additionally want a refresh on that precise story that’s happening with this enlargement.

If you didn’t level a character high enough within Classic WoW there will be boosts available. The use of any form of boosting or microtransactions causes controversy in the Classic community. The #nochanges isn’t completely being honored. Nevertheless, reentering the Dark Portal for the first time in 14 years is exciting. Especially if you missed the Burning Crusade when it originally launched.

What awaits us behind the Dark Portal?
Burning Crusade Classic introduces the basic expansion systems, including the ability to create characters belonging to the blood elf and draenei races. Moreover, last week, some opportunities were unlocked for players preparing for an expedition to the Outlands:
  •     Era Choices: For each of their characters, players will choose whether they want to move on to Burning Crusade Classic content or continue their adventures in the Classic Era.
  •     Hero Creation of New Races: The Blood Elves of the Silver Luna and the draenei of Exodar are now available and start the game at level 1 in their starting areas.
  •     Getting to know a new profession: Jewelcrafting can now be mastered and promoted to level 300.
  •     New Talent System: Players can see what changes have been made to their characters' talent trees and try out new builds and hero abilities.

If you haven’t checked out the pre-patch yet here’s what you’re missing. WoW Classic players can make a choice whether to progress into Burning Crusade Classic or to continue their adventures in the Classic Era. New playable races included the Blood Elves and Draenei in their respective starter zones.

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