Snapchat has partnered with Samsung for the wonders of some wrist-tracking technology

Snapchat has partnered with Samsung to allow users to try on the new Galaxy Watch 3 in augmented reality (AR) off the back of the app developing wrist-tracking tech.

Through the wonders of some wrist-tracking technology, you’ll be able to actually see how the Galaxy Watch 3 will look like in your wrist. All you have to do is open your Snap camera, scan a QR code or manually select Samsung from among the options. You will then see an AR version of the smartwatch and you can try on different faceplates and straps and see how it will look like or at least the closest it will look like on you.

    “This is the first time that Samsung has used wrist tracking technology and it is one of the first brands in the world to adopt this feature, which was launched at the Snap Partner Summit in May of this year,” Snapchat explains. in a press release

The latest smartwatch by Samsung includes built-in oxygen measurement, advanced running metrics and 120 home programmes for workouts, a sleep management function in partnership with the National Sleep Foundation, a smart reply system that analyses texts and photos you receive and gives you suggested replies, and the ability to stream Spotify.

Giving new meaning to the term snapped wrist, the hi-tech pairing can be activated by simply by opening the camera and scanning a proprietary QR code or manually selecting Samsung.

From there would-be purchasers of a Galaxy Watch 3 can try on a mix of faceplates and straps from the range to find the best fit – plus, of course, this being Snapchat, full Bitmoji support will be offered to fully customize the experience.

Snapchat of course has been utilizing the power of augmented reality for commercial purposes, offering brands like Samsung some AR experiences that they can try out. Well, that is if Snapchatters are your target market of course. They have also been using it to support social causes, including the latest one they did to have virtual statues to honor forgotten Black footballers, as per The Drum.

Snapchat is investing heavily in augmented reality, harnessing the medium's creative potential for a range of business opportunities and social causes.

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